Cattle Manure in Taylor Lake

Taylor Lake is a popular recreation site within Norther California’s Russian Peak Wilderness. It is the ¬†only wilderness lake on the Klamath National Forest which has wheel chair trail access. Only one-half mile from the trailhead, Taylor Lake was also a popular swimming and picnic site for families. Years ago, taxpayer funds paid for a new trail below Taylor Lake so that livestock grazing in the Russian Wilderness would not have to be taken to the popular Lake in order to reach pastures beyond. The trail was built to avoid conflicts between grazing cattle and recreational users. Unfortunately, the grazing permit holder now allows his livestock to remain around Taylor Lake for long periods and Forest Service managers do nothing about it. Campers loose sleep and cattle feces is deposited along the Lake’s shoreline and directly into the water. As cattle use has increased, recreational use has plummeted. Who wants to swim in a lake polluted with cattle feces?

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